A couple of months ago, I was paroozing through Facebook when a friend posted a link to a song on YouTube. First glace sort of gave me the feeling of “indie sounding” just based on the thumbnail. Nothing wrong with that at all but not usually my typical choice of music. Feeling adventurous I thought I would check it out.



Am I ever glad I did.

The song in question was BORNS – Electric LoveWhat a catchy tune. It would be in my head for the next 3 days straight. Even meeting up with my friend in the course of those 3 days and enthusiastically telling her how it had been in my head all day. I proceeded to search for the whole album on YouTube.

Do you ever just find those once in a blue moon albums that just…hits you so hard on an emotional level that it completely stops you dead in your tracks and truly allows your mind to clearly think what it wants? Because that is honestly the only way I can describe the aptly named ‘Dopamine’ album. I started listening and I felt like so much weight had been removed from my subconscious and for the first time in a LONG time I finally had some clarity to go deep into my thoughts and think about what has been on my mind and bugging me over the last few months.

Honestly it felt like sunlight after months of rain. Beauty doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling I get when I listen to any of these songs.

Certain songs to different people mean different things. Some people’s happy songs are others bad memories. We all have them. I can say positively that this album has been such a stress reliever for me for the last month or so. The amount of self reflection just sitting on the couch and letting my mind wander and think about what I myself want for the first time in what seems like ages is basically a gift to myself. At least now I feel like I have some direction again.

Putting these idea’s/wants into action is gonna take time and effort but I’m up for this.


And thought you never intended to have this effect and were merely posting a song you thought was catchy, I really just wanted to say ‘Thank you’. Because if you didn’t post that song I don’t know if I would have ever found it and be feeling as good as I do today.


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