Taking Chances – I gone done and did it

Waiting is the worst.

Partially because you teeter back and forth between confidence in your decisions and complete and utter despair at what you’ve done. Be it job interviews, regrettable decisions after a night of drinking or putting yourself out there for any form of creative project for others to view and criticize.

I think there’s a certain standard that we set for ourselves as well. We always tend to think of ourselves as the best compared to the rest of the average population and we rarely think of the standards set by others. This is obviously one of the basic principles of our social fabric as human beings but it tends to get in the way of self reflection when we have this constant veil of superiority about us.

Let me shed some light on what I’m talking about. About 3 weeks ago now, I was in Seattle, WA for PAX Prime. It was a fantastic trip with lots to see and do. I really would like to visit the west coast more often and spend some time there. It’s so much more beautiful than the dreary boring flatness of SW-Ontario. Anyway, obviously being in full tourist mode I was taking pictures and posting them to my Instagram. I got the typical amount of likes as one would usually get, with the random non-spam real person who happened to see my pictures presumably browsing through a hashtag. (Which at this point is an amazing feeling by the way) Well one account was an Instagram dedicated to a video game/tech website. I took a quick look through their profile as I usually do when an unrecognized account happens to interact with mine. Surely enough to my surprise, they were looking for a tech reviewer! “Wow. What an opportunity that could be!” I quickly thought to myself in the hotel room. However fast that thought came into my head, it just as quickly left and was replaced with the thought “Well, they’re probably looking for experienced writers”. This thought was definitely at the forefront of my mind for the last few days I was in Seattle. When I returned home, I decided to take an unusual route from my current habits of thinking as I have been trying to do more and I sent them a message about the position. To be honest, I wasn’t even considering monetary compensation. I just wanted to get some practice writing articles reviewing technology. I absolutely love technology and find myself drawn towards it in almost every sense. “Why not? Even if they say no, what do I have to lose by asking?”.

And even though I can very heavily be considered ‘Under qualified’, I was given a shot. Yes. What an amazing feeling. Being trusted enough to get a shot at something I’ve always been interested in seemed like SUCH an opportunity. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl listening to a new Backstreet Boys song.

Once I was told my piece to write about, I spent roughly a day and a half taking in all the relevant information I could findt. The subject matter at hand, writing techniques, formatting of a news article, you name it. After a few hours of reading, re-reading, re-arranging and nit-picking my review into something I felt good about, I saved the file and sent it away to my contact.

And now we play the waiting game.

Wherein we discover waiting is the worst. Why do we always question our work after such a positive self review and analysis of it? I was so incredibly confident with how much I edited that article. Then literally two seconds after I hit send, BAM. I started questioning everything about it. What if it was too short? Not the right content? Not the right format he was looking for? Gah. So many things that could go wrong. But we never focus on what could go RIGHT!. I took a chance and put myself out there to chase after a position doing something I absolutely would love! I don’t have anything to be ashamed of for trying and putting myself out there. I even included with my sent article that if it wasn’t what he was looking for, any feedback to improve myself would be highly appreciated. Which can only be used as a positive.

Here’s hoping that what I wrote was good enough!




Daily Prompt: Perplexed

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed

Perplexed is a great daily prompt to write about today.

This is gonna be just me venting to be honest so…


completely baffled; very puzzled.”She gave him a perplexed look”

Today was a day that I was highly perplexed. It started with the news that a longstanding couple I knew had split up. I was meeting up with a friend over coffee at Starbucks when she dropped that bomb on me. Threw me off for sure. But hey, that is their decision and not mine. After our mini coffee adventure I took seat inside Carmen, buckled up, set up the Bluetooth on my phone and headed back to home. You know that feeling when you have too much caffeine and not enough food in your stomach? That feeling decided to creep its way up on me in the middle of my drive. For those of you who prefer to live stimulant free, here is a quick wrap up of that feeling.


Mustering all of my strength to keep my bowels in check for the short ride home, I was keenly focused on the road. Making sure to avoid slow moving traffic and  calculating the logistics of different routes to take.


It was a good thing I was paying attention, for had I not been I would have been T-Boned just a few blocks away from my apartment. My row of traffic had just received a green light, and as I turned my head left to check for any oncoming traffic, I saw a car at a full blown 60km/h heading right for me. Let this be a lesson kids, no matter if you LEGALLY have the right of way, always double check. (And if you live in North America, always check to the left first).

I almost stalled my car (yay manual transmission) halting Carmen to the abrupt stop as this newer model Chevrolet Malibu just casually saunters along through a red light, completely oblivious to the oncoming threat of thousands of pounds of metal beginning their acceleration to similar speeds. I was a little mad, but that feeling usually goes away pretty quick without much thought given towards it. Statistically speaking, driving is the most dangerous activity people will participate in daily. And in my 10 years of driving, I’ve had plenty of close calls (Fingers crossed they always stay that way and I never have to deal with getting in an accident).

It perplexes me how some people can be so…unaware of their surroundings and their environment. This person was a young female who presumably had her head down on her phone. Or maybe she was wearing a low cut top and admiring her cleavage. I won’t know for sure but I am gonna take a safe bet on the former. Because of this girl’s need to be constantly connected to a digital world filled with affirmations in the form of Instagram hearts and Facebook likes, she almost caused a 3 car collision simply due to lack of attention on what she should have been doing in the first place.

I really do try not to let things like this bother me. I  try my best to keep a mindset of “Nothing happened, I am fine, the people around me are fine, and I can still operate my vehicle and go about my daily business. This is now in the past”. This one truly stuck with me though. Her head was down the ENTIRE journey through this intersection. I can only imagine the look on my face was the very definition of ‘perplexed’. Almost to say “Did…did that really just happen?”.

Just make sure to tell the people you care for how you feel. Something as simple as that could make someone’s day, and you never know when a silver Chevy Malibu may blast through an intersection. And hopefully you never have to experience that.


Weekly typings?

Well would ya look at that! It’s only been about half a year since my last entry! that must be a new record! huzzah!

How have things been for me you ask? Well, the best I can say is ‘Up and Down’. Just average day to day life that goes by. I’ve made sure to lock my car doors every day since February though! hahaha *sobs*

I believe in one of my last post’s that I said I was looking for a creative outlet. If not, that thought has been on my mind a heck of a lot more these days. Being out of school is probably the shittiest thing at this point. All you do is work and go home if you aren’t active in pursuing other interests/hobbies. Well why can’t I make this into a weekly exhibit? It’ll give me something to do and with any luck will keep my brain active and give me a small semblance of a schedule to keep. I’ll have to start taking notes on my phone of the things to write about that happen day to day. Lets start with the last 2 weeks shall we?


August 26 – 28th

Even before this weekend started I knew it was gonna be a busy one. The end of August usually brings last minute hangouts to fruition, end of summer parties and a stockpile of reserve photo’s on many a iPhone/Android camera’s to post later in the year amidst the procrastination of studying for a quick #tbt on Instagram and a confidence boost. And I was no exception to this rule (not that I mind in the slightest).

This was the first weekend in a VERY long time where every day was filled with something. Friday I was heading into Toronto aka the 6ix to see Ninja Sex Party in all of their sexual glory. Man what a fantastic show it was! The energy from the crowd was unlike anything I’ve experienced in my MANY years of concerts. I sincerely hope they come back again, because I am definitely going early to get the front spot in line.

Due to a scheduling issue, Sara was unfortunately not able to come with me Friday to the NSP show, and had to work 3 to 11pm. Why is that even bothered being mentioned you ask? Because the next day I was supposed to meet up with a friend in Toronto and chill for the day basically on a layover until Sunday when I was heading up to Barrie for a surprise birthday party. So after the concert, we drudged our tired bodies and hoarse throats (that may have just been me) to the car to drive all the way back to good ol’ London. I think it’s worth mentioning that I had been awake since 4:4am on Friday and we got back at 3:30am Saturday. So quite the long day indeed! Anywhozer, once the next day ‘began’, I dragged what was the physical remains of my meat sack out of bed and began prepping myself for the drive BACK into Toronto. Anyone who has driven the 401 knows that this drive can instill not fear, but a sense of ‘UGH GOD DAMNIT’ into anyone with a drivers license. And being as exhausted as I was, you can safely bet this was the most accurate thing I could be feeling at the time. Begrudgingly, I freshened up and packed my stuff into my trusty Carmen and set sail for Toronto for the 2nd time in a weekend. Not surprisingly the Saturday drive up was much more irritating. Three accidents and many a people driving under the speed limit later we made it to our destination. That night was a comedy filled night at a local random bar near The Danforth featuring some very talented and funny improv artists from the area (Also worth mentioning the best samosa’s I’ve ever had from a random hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant we saw on the way to the bar).

With Saturday coming to a close, I made an unfortunate decision to call it a night early (not before the comedy was over mind you) to head back to my friends place just to catch up on some much needed Z’s before the trek up to Barrie tomorrow. I really wanted to explore and just wander T-Dot some more but alas, my body was craving some sleep.

Sunday morning we had a small breakfast and went out for Korean BBQ (so good) before running a few errands to finish up our surprise birthday agenda. Once everything had been sorted, Sara and I hiked up to the GreenP parking lot where we had to leave Carmen and were on our way up to Barrie.


It was absolutely insane. Backed up for MILES. MILES I TELL YOU!! I’m fairly certain it was backed up a good 3/4 of the trip to Barrie. Not gonna lie, seeing traffic this congested made me super uncomfortable about the thought of heading back because we left around 3pm as it was. Once we got to our destination to meet up with Sabrina  (two missed exits later) we went for a great dinner near Barrie’s waterfront and caught up. I hate having friends so far away, especially your good friends at that.

Once dinner was over, we hopped back into Carmen and began our southbound journey with all the city campers back into Toronto to pick up our aforementioned friend we stayed with Saturday night. We had arranged to take them back to London with us to save them the money it would have cost for a train ticket. Another late journey with a wake-up call around 4:45 am for us was in store! We managed to hit London and get home around 12:30am.

Sleep was a rarity this weekend. And boy did it catch up to me at work. Here’s a random fact, I don’t particularly feel like I need coffee to function as an adult. Every once in a while I will have a cup because lets face it, coffee is warm and inviting and pretty soul healing when you apply it in all the right situations (rainy day, windows open for me!). However, this day after such an amazing weekend was an exception. I definitely needed that coffee. There was absolutely no way I could survive without it. Probably the most tired I’ve felt in quite some time and I would like to avoid said feeling in the near future if I could.


I think I’ll call it a night for typing right here. Man, how did I managed to type over 1100 words? and by the random chance that someone may read it, how did you manage to read over 1100 of my words? This always seemed like such a task in High School/College.

Next entry will be about my most recent vacation (that happened just one week later from this entry no less!) to Seattle for Penny Arcade Expo! What a beautiful city Seattle is.

Take it easy!