Daily Prompt: Perplexed

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed

Perplexed is a great daily prompt to write about today.

This is gonna be just me venting to be honest so…


completely baffled; very puzzled.”She gave him a perplexed look”

Today was a day that I was highly perplexed. It started with the news that a longstanding couple I knew had split up. I was meeting up with a friend over coffee at Starbucks when she dropped that bomb on me. Threw me off for sure. But hey, that is their decision and not mine. After our mini coffee adventure I took seat inside Carmen, buckled up, set up the Bluetooth on my phone and headed back to home. You know that feeling when you have too much caffeine and not enough food in your stomach? That feeling decided to creep its way up on me in the middle of my drive. For those of you who prefer to live stimulant free, here is a quick wrap up of that feeling.


Mustering all of my strength to keep my bowels in check for the short ride home, I was keenly focused on the road. Making sure to avoid slow moving traffic and  calculating the logistics of different routes to take.


It was a good thing I was paying attention, for had I not been I would have been T-Boned just a few blocks away from my apartment. My row of traffic had just received a green light, and as I turned my head left to check for any oncoming traffic, I saw a car at a full blown 60km/h heading right for me. Let this be a lesson kids, no matter if you LEGALLY have the right of way, always double check. (And if you live in North America, always check to the left first).

I almost stalled my car (yay manual transmission) halting Carmen to the abrupt stop as this newer model Chevrolet Malibu just casually saunters along through a red light, completely oblivious to the oncoming threat of thousands of pounds of metal beginning their acceleration to similar speeds. I was a little mad, but that feeling usually goes away pretty quick without much thought given towards it. Statistically speaking, driving is the most dangerous activity people will participate in daily. And in my 10 years of driving, I’ve had plenty of close calls (Fingers crossed they always stay that way and I never have to deal with getting in an accident).

It perplexes me how some people can be so…unaware of their surroundings and their environment. This person was a young female who presumably had her head down on her phone. Or maybe she was wearing a low cut top and admiring her cleavage. I won’t know for sure but I am gonna take a safe bet on the former. Because of this girl’s need to be constantly connected to a digital world filled with affirmations in the form of Instagram hearts and Facebook likes, she almost caused a 3 car collision simply due to lack of attention on what she should have been doing in the first place.

I really do try not to let things like this bother me. I  try my best to keep a mindset of “Nothing happened, I am fine, the people around me are fine, and I can still operate my vehicle and go about my daily business. This is now in the past”. This one truly stuck with me though. Her head was down the ENTIRE journey through this intersection. I can only imagine the look on my face was the very definition of ‘perplexed’. Almost to say “Did…did that really just happen?”.

Just make sure to tell the people you care for how you feel. Something as simple as that could make someone’s day, and you never know when a silver Chevy Malibu may blast through an intersection. And hopefully you never have to experience that.


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