I had a revelation today at work.

I am using this blog as a creative outlet, and most of it will be negative stuff I’m trying to vent. I understand if people don’t wanna read that.

But I’m gonna make it my goal to do one awesome/positive thing a week to write about! Gotta focus on the positives!




Daily Prompt: Original

via Daily Prompt: Original

What a great Daily Prompt to write about.

Do you ever miss the good ol’ days?

Of course you do. It seems as though everything is changing so fast as we progress in age. It makes us long for the days of young when responsibility was not a worry and the only bills we cared about were Bill Nye the Science guy and William Shakespeare.

I’m sitting here typing to some friends. I don’t want to sound crass, but I honestly feel like the friendships I’ve had with these people has lost its original strength. I do try and keep in touch with them because I remember how things were and how well we clicked. This may come as a surprise to some but I really do feel like I have a hard time making friends. And you could ask anyone who knows me and they would scoff at the idea of me having trouble making friends. But I sincerely think there’s a difference between being engaging to people and truly making a connection to someone. And those people who (at least in my opinion) I make that connection with, it almost always seems to fade away. Maybe that’s just a result of getting older, being busier, pursuing other interests, moving away and not having the time.

It just genuinely upsets me. I miss how things once were and what we had at some point.


Daily Prompt: Border

via Daily Prompt: Border

Sitting atop a high hill, the landscape rolls like a crinkled rug. Houses, families, pets and cars all within sight for miles upon miles. Homes, comforted by electricity, warmth generated by our hearts and love filling the air street by street. Yeah, it’s easy to adore the scenery.

My back however faces sheer corruption. Tattered houses, filled with holes. Ransacked to the frame, rain pouring in through the roof; only slowed by the overgrown foliage above. What little remains of the road make it next to impossible to drive straight. Families tightly packed like sardines into sad excuses for shacks at best. The love in the air replaced by fear. The next meal is never guaranteed. A lamp turns off, leaving the sickly alone in the room.

Looking down the middle of the border makes it an easy choice if you were to choose. But we can’t forget that some people need help too.