Looking at signs?

Ever have a good day that’s just completely un-explainable?

I don’t really get too many of those if I’m honest. Usually when I do have good days I feel like I’ve earned them in some way. Not that I expect to be rewarded for kindness by the universe per-se but I do want to believe in Karma.

Well, today was actually a really good day! Work went by pretty quick, the time before was nice and slow, had a good song stuck in my head and an idea as to what I want to do with my life too! Now maybe I’m over-analyzing the last part but maybe this is the universes way of telling me I’m on the right path? I certainly hope so. It would be fantastic to actually gain some kind of peace of mind with where my future is heading. Not knowing and feeling like you’re in limbo sucks!

I hope to the maybe 4 people who would see this that you have a fantastic day!




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