Daily Prompt: Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest

Having the ability to protest is definitely a luxury I believe many take for granted. There are so many oppressed people in this world who would kill to have their voices heard. To have a chance at being treated fairly. They are usually met with non-lethal (sometimes lethal depending on which part of the world) force to deter further demonstration.

I’m glad that in Canada and the USA, we have the right to peaceful assembly to make our voices heard. Whether or not I agree with any said cause is irrelevant. Having that right is essential to a democracy.

But lately it seems like no matter how much we protest, and for whatever just reasons we give, our demands are not being considered by the opposing parties. Why does wanting to protect your own land from a pipeline that supplies a major water supply for your people seem like such a ridiculous request? Why have these energy executives become so distant from basic human empathy and only seem to care about how thick their wallets become?

I hope people keep protesting. Keep up the fight. At some point, morality & common sense should prevail for the needs of the many rather than the interest of a select few.



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