via Daily Prompt: Mystical

Today, we are expecting upwards of 20cm of snow. A good amount of people go “blegh” at the sight or even mention of snow. That’s fair; it’s cold, dreary and when it’s wet it is insanely not fun to be in.

But in November/December when the snow is still light and fluffy, starting to pack the ground and freeze the earth, that is when it is most Mystical.

It just makes everything seem more comfortable to me. Billions of tiny snowflakes falling gently to the ground to form one of the most serene scenes you could view. Pair that with Christmas lights and a hot chocolate, warm coat/hat/boots and I could walk around in falling snow all day. I have in fact gone for MANY snow walks in the past and I will heavily continue to do so in the future, despite how cold it gets outside. I hope it gets as snowy as possible on my Christmas vacation week. No driving, just walking around being gently blanketed by natures beauty.

Perfect scenes that I play in my head always take place in a snowy environment. I just hope that some people appreciate the beauty of snowfall like I do.



Driving in it on the other hand…


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