Conundrum: Adulthood

Conundrum is one of MANY words you could use to describe the hectic mess that is adulthood.

From the moment you are born until 17 years of age, you are told that your opinions are just that of a developing brain and therefore cannot be taken with any bit of seriousness. Alcohol? Not unless you’re in Quebec or Europe. Voting? You don’t get a say in our democratic process! Gambling? You have no right to spend your money that you earned through your part time job on such things!

But then…magically…when you turn 18 you are given two of the above rights! And one more year you get to legally consume alcohol in all of Canada! Your opinions are magically considered valid now because of the technicalities of when you were born! All of a sudden the weight of the adult world is thrust upon your shoulders, while not one year ago you were being told that anything you thought didn’t matter.

And with schools moving further and further away from practical teaching to help us deal with this shocking reality of adult life, it’s no wonder so many young adults are lost and confused when they move out for the first time. They aren’t being shown how to balance a checkbook/manage finance, do basic car maintenance, pay taxes (biggest one) or in many cases, do laundry.

Instead we’re told to get an education! You’re an adult now (if only in age). And we’re sent on our merry way off to a College/University with a whole bunch of other young adults only to discover some have the same interest in exploring these newfound freedoms! Drinking on the weekend! Partying! Recreational drugs! ALL THE YOUNG PEOPLE FUN STUFF!

Now I know I’m generalizing and I am FULLY aware not everyone is like that. I have many friends who were essentially born Grandma’s/Grandpa’s and would prefer a good night in with a book and a cat. Essentially what I am rambling about is that sending these kids off to school with little to no life experience doesn’t help them in every case. They get overwhelmed and lose focus. Sometimes they get far too distracted with being social rather than putting effort into their grades. And that’s another thing! Why are we supposed to know what we wanna do when were 18 years old? I wanted to do so much stuff, and quite frankly I still would LOVE to do so much more! If I could I would spend all of my 20’s in College/University and build networking and personal skills so I can be as useful to society and my future family as I can be! Do you know how many people go back to school a 2nd or even 3rd time before they realize what they wanna do? Maybe its the luck of our generation having access to technology to actually be able to see what is out there for us to do. I keep seeing all sorts of interesting jobs that I didn’t know existed or even considered. I wish High School had taught me more about trades, the Military or the multiple other avenues that one could take to earn a stable income.

That said, I can also respect the other side to that too. There were 1200~ kids in my high school. Managing 1200 kids can and most likely is overwhelming. Not everyone is accustomed to ‘traditional’ methods and subjects taught in school. I know brilliantly gifted athletes who couldn’t keep a schedule to save their life, and just viewed school as a nuisance more than anything (For real, this guy could have been an Olympic sprinter). Not everyone appreciates history the way I do. Not everyone can manage the nuances of science lessons. And personally, I don’t believe that those students should be given up on by the system. Everyone is good at something, it’s just a matter of discovering what it is that you are good at and nurturing that into a passion they can pursue into their working lives.

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