2017 is approaching

Curious…what do you all want to accomplish this coming year?

While I agree that 2016 was probably one of my worst years on record (probably not the worst but certainly up there) there is still the potential to make 2017 a better year. One with hope and a positive outlook.

My main goal…start taking lifting seriously. I hate how I have so much knowledge but everything fails on me when I don’t fuel myself properly. Every skinny guys problem when it comes to not being able to gain weight (Of course I am referring to healthy individuals with no medical ailments standing in their way) is that they aren’t eating enough food. Straight up. Once I started tracking the food I ate, I was absolutely amazed at how little I’ve been eating. And seeing as all the things I’ve been reading point to taller guys needing more calories by default, it makes gaining weight that much more difficult.

I’m tired of putting this goal on the backburner. Eating what I need to eat will be a challenge but it’s one that I’m willing to accept.

Here’s to a solid 2017.



3 thoughts on “2017 is approaching

  1. idontknowcookbook says:

    I would like to accomplish, being happy, to remember to stop and smell the metaphorical roses, enjoy my children more, remember I am special, to know that even though things are not what I want them to be maybe that means there is something better out there for me.

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