Enthusiasm to teach

I present to you a question: Have you ever met someone who just hung on every word you said? Or even the opposite? Have you not been able to avert your gaze and just sit in silence, absorbing all of the information they are so willfully sharing with you?

A few entries back, I wrote a small blurb on my motivation and how I didn’t care about school in my early years. Today’s Daily Prompt suddenly flashed me back to public school, wherein I specifically remember a discussion about what we would want to do when we grow up. Many of the girls in the class proudly proclaimed they wanted to be teachers, and all I could think was “Man, I cannot WAIT to get out of school and stay out”. I tell ya, if I could go back in time and slap my former self, I would

Recently I have been very interested in developing leadership skills. I firmly believe having someone to look up to in your life can set you on the right path to achieve your dreams. Whether that be your parents, an aunt/uncle or someone you watch frequently on YouTube, anyone who motivates you to be better is someone you should continue to be around to gain all of their information and pick at their brain. At this point, I no longer feel like my job is presenting any further challenges to me. It doesn’t grow me or force me to be better. It just stresses me out plainly put. Needing to get everything done with limited space and no man-power to tackle the jobs that the higher ups want. Blegh. But the one thing I can take away from this job is that I can start to use it as an opportunity to better myself at communication and transferring my knowledge in a clear and concise manner so that those who are hired on can do this job in a safe and effective manner. And trust me, if you aren’t told how to do this job, it can be absolutely BRUTAL on your body. It’s not so much that its difficult, its the fact that there is a technique for everything. And without technique, it really saps all of your energy incredibly quick.

Which brings me to my main thought, which is the passing of knowledge. Humans have been incredibly fortunate enough to record and preserve all of the knowledge we have acquired in many different forms. Books, literature, art, scientific methods and most recently (and probably most importantly) the internet. There is a wealth of knowledge to learn from and contribute to. I would absolutely LOVE to dip into this pool of knowledge more! They are the building blocks of progress. Every idea has at some point had a predecessor, and those ideas simply prop the newer versions of those ideas to newer heights.

Nothing makes me happier than people who talk passionately about something. This is such an important thing for me. I could be so incredibly uninterested in a particular subject, but if you put someone in-front of me to explain said subject, I would listen to every word they said. Whatever it is that drives the fire inside of you, I want to hear about it. What about ‘it’ makes you happy? makes you as giddy as a schoolgirl? What about is it about ‘that’ that could make you talk for hours and HOURS without pause? Until you have exhausted every resource in your brain, explored every nook and cranny of your thoughts until you cant say anything more about it? That knowledge, that type of passion, that is what I want to achieve. I know my interests and what gets my motor revving so to speak. And I intend to pursue those to pass on my knowledge to others.

I’ve come to realize that sharing the information I have learned gives me a vastly superior sense of satisfaction than nearly anything else on this planet (Maybe minus deep fried cheesecake but its a close 2nd). The enthusiasm I have to not only learn new things, but to share my knowledge is one I wish to build upon. Being that person who people can look to for answers is a goal I am going to strive to achieve.

Maybe I could start a series about sharing random/fun bits of info like that?


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9 thoughts on “Enthusiasm to teach

  1. idontknowcookbook says:

    I’m in a place of rediscovering who I am as a person. I have spent the last 15 years raising kids and although that continues, I find myself in a place where I have time to think about me. All of my children are in school now so this time was mapped out to get my cookbook published. However the more time I spend working on it or having some free time in my head, I am remembering I use to have interests and I use to be interesting but then I became Alex’s mom or whatever kid they are referring to and I lost myself. So I am looking forward to learning new things and meeting myself again.

  2. idontknowcookbook says:

    It should be an interesting journey. I’m only 36 so I have a lot of time ahead to figure out where I belong and who I will become.

    • Tons of time! Sometimes I feel like I’m way far behind my friends at 27. But I just have to step back and realize everyone finds themselves at different times.

      • idontknowcookbook says:

        Very true. I put all my energy into my kids and forgot about me. I became a mom at 21 so I didn’t have a chance to just be me.

  3. Cogitate in silence.
    Love the thoughts like this one,which are born in that silence.
    Get me in an amazing dimension of existence.
    💝Heart safe

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