A whole new world

Hello! It has been a few weeks since I’ve been here! Life does get busy real quick. Being back at work does that to you.

Today’s daily prompt is the word ‘Exposure’. I love when the Daily Prompts give you a relevant word to write with!

So if you have read any of my previous entries, you know I work in a factory. And it is not the greatest. That’s just life. But in the early part of the new years, my work had a whole slew of new jobs to apply for. If in the mean time I’m gonna be there, I may as well apply for a different job that doesn’t put so much stress on my body, right?

I hastily grabbed some papers and started filling in applications like mad. Hectically filling out all the required information to set myself up for a winning application. After I was done scripting my qualifications, I proceeded to hand them into the HR Drop off box. Huzzah things are looking up! Now we play the waiting game…




DEAR LORD THIS GAME SUUUUUUCKS. Almost two weeks go by and I haven’t heard a thing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Big ol’ goose egg. But yesterday (the 19th) I was pulled aside and told to go to a meeting room for an interview. Yanked straight off the work floor! I’ll admit, it was a little intimidating at first because I thought I had done something wrong! Who ever thinks they have done something good when people from the front office come out to get you though? So I was taken back into a room and given an interview for one of the positions I applied for! Despite being caught off guard, I gave the best answers I could. They were pretty simple really. I would assume any in-house interviews would mostly be like this one due to there being a file of employee work habits/feedback from your immediate superiors too. 10 Minutes after I had sat down I was told I would get an answer either before that shift ended or the next day. Awesome! Love the very little wait time there. Seeing as I didn’t have an answer as I left for my car, I awaited excitedly for this news. No time wasted at all, 10 minutes into my shift I was told I had the job! SUCCESS!

Now Brian, why would you be making this long post about a relatively boring part of your life/job you say? Well here is the twist you NEVER SAW COMING WOOOAAAHHH

The training takes place in Japan!

JAPAN!!!. I am going to Japan for this training! I am beyond excited for this opportunity. I wont lie, this job was starting to seriously get tedious to do. I had very little motivation to get up at all and head to work other than a paycheck. Now there is something seriously interesting to look forward to. I have only ever traveled to English speaking countries. This will be my first full exposure to a non-english speaking country. Not going to lie, I am quite nervous about that aspect of it. But it is going to be a growing experience for sure. This feeling of optimism is what is pushing me to better myself. I want to have these experiences so I can tell these stories and guide other people with what to do. The only way to do that is to jump head first into it sometimes.

Most of this week will be looking up travel tips and touristy stuff to do. I will try and share some of the photo’s when I am back!!



via Daily Prompt: Exposure


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