Gaming has been ruined for me.

Maybe that statement is a bit dramatic, but I honestly feel like the past-time that helped shape so much of my current self just isn’t what it used to be.

Today I hopped on Overwatch to play some random matches and it was…disappointing. I am by no means the best player, but my forte’ growing up was always FPS’s (First Person Shooters). I’m not really used to these “Character” type of FPS’s because it involved learning a whole new playstyle that really went against my teachings of just “point and shoot with whatever weapon”. Now, each character you play has a different role and learning them can take some time and quite the amount of patience. As these types of FPS’s were coming into popularity, I was in school, left without a gaming computer due to a lack of funds and job obligations. So this whole genre was evolving and growing without me. Which now that I’ve (somewhat) sorted my life out and managed to get back into the scene, it’s filled with bratty, whiny teenagers with nothing better to do with their time than judge everyone.

I’m new to the game, and to be fair I am in no way expecting people to understand that or even have any idea about it other than observing me play. But in just one game, I was berated, belittled and just made to feel like shit about my lack of experience. What a great way to welcome me to the community right?

This in itself is pretty harmless. I really don’t take what they say to heart because why would I? They’re a bunch of teenagers/randoms who I don’t even know. What upsets me about this is how these types of people have infected a past time that I so very much enjoyed being a part of.

Gaming used to be so much better than this. It used to be my escape from the people who made my life miserable in High School or work. Now these people have come into the space I found comfort in and ruined it. It’s frustrating to say the least.

These experiences aren’t so bad when I’m with friends, but between trying to find time to sync and our work schedules, its nearly impossible. Guess I’ll just have to play more PvE games instead.

Signed, a frustrated Brian.