Oh hello!

Glad to finally be back writing. How are you doing?

Things have been hectic with me. Really all over the place. Can’t seem to dedicate any time to actual writing. That and the last 3 times I have actually sat down here and tried to write anything I get writers block.

This seems like an easy topic to write about though. What in life really catches your interest? There are certain things we are naturally attracted to in life. I always catch myself looking at nice cars when they drive by. Or admiring architecture when I visit a big city. I’m definitely the type of guy who is completely content being silent and just looking. Taking everything in. I think it’s a type of meditation for me. Just to stop and really observe what is around me. I find comfort in really looking at the details.

So, spill the beans! What really interests you?

via Daily Prompt: Interest


2 thoughts on “Interest

  1. sandyblogy says:

    I too like to admire architecture and love watching people in a big city. But thunderstorms are my favorite, I always have to stop and enjoy the power of nature taking over our lives….

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