Noise Pollution

Everyone knows to escape the city to get the best view of the night sky. All that light pollution is nice in its own sense, namely when you’re walking the street and taking in some great city scenery, but you can’t see the stars in the city.

So how do you go about getting rid of all the noise?

It’s hard to cancel out all the noise. Seems like nowadays, we’re constantly being bombarded with noise but also looking for something to occupy our mind. Hell, as I am writing this right now I have the Spartan Ops story cut-scenes playing on YouTube. The constant cacophony of our lives can be overwhelming.

Yesterday (Sunday) I left my grandmothers house after a long day of sewing my Halloween costume with her sewing wisdom and spending time together. She lives out in a small town with very little light pollution. So when I got to my car, I paused for 5 minutes and just stared up into the sky. It was refreshing to just hear nothing.

I think some meditation is necessary in the near future. I need to work on calming my mind.



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