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Flee Free

via Daily Prompt: Flee

Do you ever want to flee the life you have currently built to try and start a completely new one?

To me, the idea of starting over is like being born again but with all the knowledge of the world you have acquired. You could completely reinvent yourself. Become more open, more confident, try new things and meet new people. Things that once seemed like mountains to tackle suddenly become anthills. I often wonder if I were to flee the life I currently have, would I be the same person I am? Would I still have my mannerisms that make me who I am? Would my humor be the same? Overall would this different Brian be a better or worse Brian? A switch in perspective can do a person good.

Now, I pose the following question based on circumstance. But would staying, standing your ground and holding firm improve a situation that would cause someone to flee? Myself for example: Would I find a job I enjoyed more? Would I continue to try and improve myself if I become content in my surroundings? I suppose that could be based on willpower and my own determination to get any job/task finished. Staying could certainly improve a persons situation in their own life (depending) in certain ways, but there could be so, SO much more potential for learning or growth in far off lands. New experiences to give you a fuller perspective of the world and the people inhabiting it. I love meeting people willing to share their stories.

My hope is that one day, when I am older, I can achieve two things.

  1. Live a life worth telling stories about
  2. Finding someone to listen

Working on my confidence every day, and reassuring myself that I can do great things when I set my mind to it is essential to achieving those goals above. Stay motivated, work hard, and most important: Don’t give up. If you are reading this, I hope you apply the same principles here to your day as well! 🙂